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Proudly providing Commercial Services to the local Kamloops, BC businesses and commercial customers is a foundation which Ryzo Electric wishes to continue to build upon. Supporting local businesses by offering professional commercial electrical services at competitive rates significantly benefits our valued clients. We strive to put their concerns with all things electrical to rest, knowing Ryzo has their back and will get the job done.

Commercial electrical contracting is much more complex than residential work. Commercial buildings utilize large gauge electrical components and wires to move larger amounts of current. Making sure you have an experienced and skilled electrical company working on your building is a must have for safety and making sure the work is done according to code.

Retail storefronts and restaurants are just a couple of the most common examples of where our commercial work takes place. Our focus is to ensure that the wiring and electrical components of the building or office are functioning efficiently and safely. Some commercial electricians may struggle with their proficiency when it comes to working on a higher voltage electrical system or generator that accompanies a large heating or air conditioning unit. We can perform the essential tasks and maintenance work of any commercial property, and we are highly experienced in electrical repairs and installation of specific equipment.

Modernizing a your commercial electrical system is important for energy efficiency, particularly as they use a large volume of kilowatt hours. Our main task is identifying the electrical needs of a business and most cost-effective way to produce results. Finding the right contractor to help mitigate these inefficiencies and assist you in saving money can be difficult, let Ryzo Electric be your trusted source for commercial electrical contracting and projects with our Kamloops leading commercial services.


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Commercial Electrians

On average, commercial electrical systems need to be serviced and updated once every 10-15 years, particularly if there is turnover of customers and many renovations taking place. Contact Ryzo Electric so we can help the business get up to code with respect to the electrical wiring, lighting and outlets. In addition to bringing the electrical system up to standard, our team can help owners optimize energy consumption by installing up to date wiring, materials, and technologies crucial to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Efficient, sustainable, and well assembled electrical systems is what we strive for. Commercial electricians at Ryzo Electric are trained and qualified to service any type of commercial property. We are experienced in commercial lighting and in servicing and replacing parking lot lights, office building lighting, and many more. Even electrical rewiring and residential or commercial renovations. Electrical rewiring also allows for post-construction touch ups to professionally relocate wiring and sockets into more aesthetic configurations.

Ryzo Electric has experience in efficient, and cleanly built electrical systems from the ground up. Whether it is a retail store, office space, restaurant or a warehouse, we can develop and implement expertly built electrical systems to match your needs. Well qualified commercial services can be hard to find but it doesn’t have to be for you. We’ve been serving the Kamloops business community and surrounding areas for over 2 years. Ryzo Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured, call us now for a free, quick and stress-free estimate.

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