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We’re proud to offer full electrical service upgrades to our clients, especially Electrical Service Upgrades. Your electrical panel is your building’s connection to the power grid. The city’s power feeds into your main service panel and then throughout your home. That panel, however, can also limit a house to how many appliances your home can power. Large appliances in particular require a large amount of electricity, appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.

Electrical service upgrades are recommended for particularly old houses, renovation projects, or for owners looking to increase electrical usage. All qualified electricians from Ryzo Electric are knowledgeable and skilled to do a service upgrade as they often involve replacing the entire electrical panel. Modernizing the electrical hub of a house is also known as an electrical installation.

If you are an owner or a renovation contractor, we can install a service upgrade and work with you to meet your needs. Our qualified and experienced electricians are knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to restorative service upgrades. Electrical service upgrades are recommended for particularly old houses, renovations, or for owners looking to increase electrical usage. We are always interested in hearing about how we can help your projects, and bring your vision to life. Our goal for any project is to enhance value and build an electrical structure that is efficient, organized, and well crafted.

An electrical panel can be updated in both residential or commercial settings. Ryzo Electric’s electricians create energy efficient, and well crafted electrical systems from the ground up. Whether it is a small or large home, a warehouse, or an office building, servicing the electrical panel can extend the life of any buildings electrical service.


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Additional services include the addition of an electrical sub panel, that is a satellite panel that can efficiently distribute the main current. Sub panels can be added for a variety of reasons including space, convenience, and efficiency. Imagine a workshop with many high powered outlets and appliances, and an electrical panel on the far side of the property in the dwelling. Not very convenient, but easily remedied with a sub panel installed professionally for you by Ryzo Electric. Owners need to do a service upgrade every three to four decades to keep up with changing power grids and requirements. Electrical panels are a major player in a house’s energy efficiency. Owners could be missing out on efficient energy savings if your electrical panel cannot handle or take advantage of smart appliances and meters. We have experience in efficient, and cleanly built electrical systems from the ground up. Whether it is a retail store, an office space, a restaurant, or a warehouse, we can install and upgrade electrical panels to meet your electrical service requirements. Finding qualified electricians can be difficult, but we are readily available to answer your questions. We’ve been serving the Kamloops business community and surrounding areas for over 2 years. Ryzo Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured, call us now for a FREE, quick, stress-free estimate. Ryzo’s electricians are fully competent in electrical service upgrades and electrical installations.

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