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With our deep experience in electrical lighting and lighting installations, we can work with you to get the design and results you want. We are always interested in hearing about how we can help your projects, and bring your vision to life. Our goal for any project is to enhance user experience with lighting and wiring that is efficient, organized, and well crafted.

Every newly built house or addition, or even a renovated building or room, requires professional electrical light wiring. Even before a structure is built, Ryzo Electric can consult and work with you to create custom lighting solutions to fit your goal and budget.

Not strictly limited to commercial properties, we can help homeowners seeking a unique lighting experience. Ryzo Electric can wire, and rewire specialized rooms. Our experienced electricians can do media rooms with pot lighting, kitchens with track lighting, dimmer switches to set the right mood for any room in your house, and every combination of rooms and lights.  We’ll ensure our electrical lighting services are done exactly to your requirements.

Both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are available to consumers. Although fluorescent bulbs are more expensive to purchase, their energy savings pay dividends over time and contribute towards cost savings. Fluorescent bulbs are slowly taking over market dominance, however incandescent bulbs still make up the vast majority of consumer lighting and are readily available for relatively low prices.

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are another new lighting method for consumers. Similar to incandescent lamps, LEDs come to full brightness without need for a warm-up time and still maintain all the energy efficiencies of fluorescent bulbs. Ryzo can help you determine the best lighting for your space by going over all the pros and cons of all lighting types available.


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We are able to tackle a wide variety of electric lighting challenges. Got a job involving island lighting such as pendants and chandeliers? Our experience and equipment will get the task finished quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Bathroom lighting can be tricky as the fixtures and plumbing often do not produce easy pathways for the electrical wiring. We truly are your skilled and experienced craftsman to professionally wire the lights in your bathroom to make sure you get the desired lighting while avoiding any unnecessary alterations to existing fixtures or plumbing.

Commercial lighting solutions are another service we pride ourselves in offering our valued clients. We have a wealth of experience in servicing and replacing large lights, office building lighting, and many more. We can assist in developing a fix for your issue or problem.

Any aspect of lighting or light wiring is within our toolbox. We have experience in locating and troubleshooting problematic electrical wiring, light wiring and installation of new lighting of newly built homes, and homes undergoing renovations and restorations. Our renovation and rewiring work can be as diverse as our clients need. If your newly renovated room requires a new or additional outlet, a new hot tub needs expert wiring, or even an older home in need of electrical switch wiring, Ryzo Electric is happy to help. We have experience in efficient, and cleanly built electrical systems for homes and businesses, small and large.

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