Home renovations can be a pain, but the electrical work associated with a home reno doesn’t have to be. If you are renovating an aging residence or place of business, it’s a great idea to consider renovating the electrical structure as well. Aging panels, wires, and sockets can be a hazard and it is never too soon to examine the existing electrical wiring. Ryzo Electric can work with owners or renovation contractors in the electrical design and implementation of any renovation work you may have.

In addition to bringing the electrical system up to standard, the technicians at Ryzo can help owners optimize energy consumption by bringing up to date wiring, materials, and technologies crucial to energy efficiency and cost savings.

Ryzo Electric is happy to help with any residential or commercial renovation electrical wiring services. Anything from our diverse clients needs such as a newly converted office room requiring new outlets, hot tub wiring, or even an older home in need of an electrical overhaul. Frequently tripped breakers or fuses, charred or discolored outlets and switches, and buzzing or sizzling sounds can all be strong indications to renovate the electrical system of a building. A renovation will not only decrease the likelihood of accidents and fires, but also increase the energy efficiency of your electrical system overall.

When a building has additional appliances and energy drains added to the system, it is very likely also in need of an electrical installation to upgrade the electrical service. Our qualified and experienced electricians are knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to restorative service upgrades. Electrical service upgrades are recommended for particularly old houses, renovations, or for owners looking to increase electrical usage.


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Ryzo Electric can work with the home renovation team, consult prior to renovations, and even come in for rewiring work after completed renos. We have friendly responsive service, and take pride in our work. Our work is completed with care and focus, to our customers and electrical products.

Any aspect of building or renovating is within our scope. Locating and troubleshooting problematic electrical wiring, drafting and completion of the electrics of newly built homes, and homes undergoing renovations and restorations are projects well suited to our complete service. Our renovation and rewiring work can be as diverse as our clients need. If your newly renovated room requires a new or additional outlet, a new hot tub needs expert wiring, or even an older home in need of electrical switch wiring, Ryzo Electric is happy to help. We have experience in efficient, and cleanly built electrical systems for homes and businesses, small and large.

If you have any questions about the wiring of your home or business, please get in touch with us. We have been serving the Kamloops community and surrounding areas over the years and would love to add you to our growing list of customers. Ryzo Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured, call us now.

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