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Electricity powers the modern home and a residential services electrician is your key craftsman in charge of making sure it runs cleanly, efficiently, and safely. If you plan on running appliances and living with electrical amenities, having an experienced residential electrician with experience providing residential electrical services in your phone contacts can save you many hours of headaches and research.

Ryzo Electric has experience in efficient, and cleanly built electrical systems from the ground up. Whether it is a small or large home, a restaurant, or a warehouse, they can develop and implement expertly built electric systems to match your needs.

We provide customers with friendly and responsive service, we are electricians who do not keep you waiting, we call back ready to discuss solutions for your projects. With safety being a top concern, we pride ourselves in our successful record of helping customers realize their project goals. Call us now for a FREE estimate on your residential electrical issues.

Our Residential Offerings

Any aspect of building or renovating is within our abilities. Locating and troubleshooting problematic electrical wiring, drafting and completion of the electrics of newly built homes, and homes undergoing renovations and restorations are well suited to get completed by Ryzo’s experienced and fast service. Every newly built house or addition, or even renovated building or room, requires professional electrical wiring. Even before a something is built, we can consult and work with you to create custom solutions to fit your goal and budget.

Residential electrical service work can be as diverse as a clients needs; from old outlets, or a newly built workshop requiring professional wiring, or even an older home in need of electrical servicing. We can work with you to get the design and results you want. We are always interested in hearing about how we can help your projects, and bring your vision to life. Our goal for every project is to enhance user experience with electrical systems that are efficient, organized, and well crafted, as every newly built house or addition, or even renovated building or room, requires professional electrical servicing and wiring.


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Ryzo Electric can wire, and rewire specialized rooms. Our experienced electricians can do media rooms with pot lighting, kitchens with track lighting, dimmer switches to set the right mood for any room in your house, and every combination of room and lights. Got a job involving island lighting such as pendants and chandeliers? Our experience and equipment will get the task finished quickly, efficiently, and safely. Home theaters and entertainment systems are an incredibly popular room in a home, often requiring higher than normal amounts of electricity. We can work with your electrical equipment and furnishings, and design a system that can seamlessly integrate with your entertainment centre. We respond to every query in a timely manner. Good residential electricians can be hard to find but it doesn’t have to be for you. We’ve been serving the Kamloops community and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Ryzo Electric is licensed, bonded, and insured, call us now for a quick, stress-free estimate.

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